Tuesday, November 13, 2018

12 Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Weddings and Showers

Beautiful, creative Gift basket ideas for the newlyweds!

Romantic Breakfast Kit

Give the newlyweds everything they need for a romantic breakfast. Start with cooking utensils like spatulas or spoons from the bridal registry. A waffle maker would also make an excellent centerpiece for this gift.

Add pancake mix, store-bought or homemade, a jar of artisan jam and some real maple syrup. If your gift is going to be consumed relatively soon, include some high-end local bacon or sausage. Wrap it all up with a tray for breakfast in bed.

Picnic Basket

A picnic offers an intimate experience where a newly married couple can enjoy each other's company in nature. Start with a large picnic basket and fill it with items they can use for the perfect meal outdoors. Buy linens like a tablecloth and napkins from the gift registry. You can also include some stemware or tableware and items like a wine bottle opener.

Include a bottle of wine, some high-end cheese, a box of crackers and some Italian style meats.

Relaxation Gift Basket

Build this gift around any bath products the couple has placed on their registry. If they've asked for body scrubbers, bath pillows or even a shower caddy, that would be a great start.

Get some warm fuzzy slippers for each person and buy robes if your budget will allow it. Fill these with luxurious body washes, bath bombs or even bubbles. Wrap it all up with towels and washcloths that the couple requested.  Better still take a look at these indulgent bath and body gift baskets. She will love a relaxing pamper bath basket!

Gift Baskets for Life

Household tools make a great wedding gift, and the couple might have requested them on their registries. Buy a large toolbox and fill it with all kinds of useful tools. Include a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches and other hand tools. Include picture hanging supplies and nails in a variety of sizes. You can also buy more expensive electric tools like a saw, drill or electric screwdriver.

Grilling Gift Basket and Supplies

If you're going to splurge on a big item like a grill, jazz up the gift with some grilling supplies. If a grill isn't on the registry or is out of your price range, consider a smaller portable style grill. Get a variety of grilling accessories like baskets, forks, and sticks for kebobs. Add some excellent barbecue sauce, dry rubs and a book of grilling recipes. Top it off with matching grilling aprons.

Gardening Gift Set

Help the newlyweds make their home prettier with a gift that will help them in the garden, especially if spades, rakes, and shovels are part of their registry.
Buy a large pot for planting and arrange your items inside. Add some seeds or bulbs, fertilizer, seed starter kits and even a live flower or two.

Pasta Gift Baskets

Buy a large pasta pot or a pasta machine for a couple with one on their registry. Also get pasta spoons and items for measuring the right amount of pasta. Fill the pot with all kinds of high-end and interesting kinds of pasta and jars of pasta sauce. Include spices like garlic powder and Italian seasonings. Include fun dishcloths, aprons and oven mitts in fun patterns.

The next time you need a gift for a wedding or a bridal shower, consider a gift basket. You'll be giving the couple something you know that the newlyweds will enjoy as well as a unique wedding surprise. 

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