Wednesday, October 24, 2018

9 Ways to Get Rid of Halloween Candy

You do your best to teach your child to eat healthily and only have treats in moderation.  Then Halloween comes around and you end up with a 5-pound bag of candy.  You know that you're going to be hearing "can I have a piece of Halloween candy?" for weeks.  

So, what can you do to get rid of some of that Halloween candy?  

Hand It Back Out
The quickest way to get rid of all that extra Halloween candy is to hand it back out as soon as you get home.  Let your kids go through the candy right away and choose out a few pieces of their favorite candy to keep. Then light up your Halloween pumpkin and have the kids help you hand out the leftovers to all the older kids who are still out trick or treating.  

Candy Buy Back Programs
Many dentists have started to participate in the Halloween Candy Buyback program. You bring your Halloween candy in and the dentist will trade you for cash, a toothbrush or other items.  Not only does this program help reduce the amount of sugar kids are eating, but the candy is then donated to troops overseas.

Switch Witch Halloween
Have you heard of the Switch Witch yet?  Just like Santa and the Tooth Fairy, the Switch Witch comes to your house once everyone is asleep. All you have to do is leave your bag of unwanted Halloween treats and candy out for her and she will swap it for a present or some cash.  

Buy Halloween Candy from Your Kids 
If you're not into creating another magical figure that sneaks into your house while you're sleeping, buy the candy from your kids yourself.  You can offer them a set amount per piece of candy or offer to buy them a new toy for the whole bag of candy.  

Save Candy for Birthday Parties
Does one of your children have a birthday party coming up soon?  You may not want your kids eating all that candy, but you can easily unload it all on their friends.  Stuff a piƱata, put it in the goody bags or serve it as a birthday party snack.  Think of all the money you will save on the party!

Save Candy for Christmas
After Halloween, Christmas is the next worst holiday when you're trying to eat healthily.  You know you're going to let your kids have some treats anyway, so why not recycle some of that Halloween candy for Christmas?  Put a few favorites in your kid's Christmas stockings and save some small candies for the gingerbread house.  And of course, make sure you put some candy out in bowls for your guests to enjoy.  

Give Candy to Your Child's Teacher
Does your child's teacher use treats to reward students for good behavior?  Send a note to school with your child and ask her if she could use some more candy to add to her stash.  Sure, some of it will go back to your child anyway, but at least you will be unloading most of the candy on the other kids. 

Donate Halloween Candy
There are many places that would be grateful to take all of that candy off your hands.  You could bring it to your local food bank or a drop it off at a homeless shelter.  If you want to show your appreciation to your local heroes, take your extra candy to the police station or fire station.  You could even call up some of the nursing homes and see if they would take your Halloween Candy off your hands.

Bring Extra Halloween Candy to Work
If you just need to get that candy out of your house right away, throw it in your car now.  Take it to work in the morning and let your coworkers' pig out.  

Now that you know how to get rid of all your kid's extra candy, you can go back to teaching your kids to eat healthily, with the occasional treat of course.  Make sure you remember to keep a treat or two for yourself too. 

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